A Short History of the Rwanda Genocide

What Was the Rwanda Genocide Beginning on April 6, 1994, Hutus began slaughtering the Tutsis in the African country of Rwanda. As the brutal killings continued, the world stood idly by and just watched the slaughter. Lasting 100 days, the Rwanda genocide left approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers dead. Who Are the Hutu and… [Continue Reading]

The burning of Greenwood aka Black Wall Street

It may be hard to imagine today that black people could be unified enough to have a successful all black community but in early 20th Century America that’s exactly what happened. Greenwood is a neighbourhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was once a prosperous, modern, cultured Black community dubbed Negro Wall Street by Booker T Washington… [Continue Reading]

The Historical Roots and Stages in the Development of ISIS

Historical background ISIS took root in the new era created in Iraq after the Americans took control of the country in 2003. The Second Gulf War led to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the dismantling of the Iraqi army and the destruction of the existing governmental structure. As a result, a security and governmental… [Continue Reading]

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens. . . . clearly racist. —President Clinton’s apology for the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment to the eight remaining survivors, May 16, 1997 For forty years between 1932 and 1972,… [Continue Reading]

Garvey’s Legacy in Context: Colourism, Black Movements and African Nationalism

“From early history to the present, we learn of men and women who have emerged from their environment and so far outdistanced their contemporaries in thought and action that in their day they were apt to be called ‘mad, dangerous or fools’. Long after their death, when the truths were espoused or the experiments they… [Continue Reading]


After fifteen years of peace-keeping in Sierra Leone, the UN has finally decided to leave the country, its citizens and government in a “successful” state. As a man in his forties, I can only examine the distance from which Sierra Leone has travelled to achieve “success”. Firstly let me congratulate the people and friends of… [Continue Reading]

Gang Stalking – Ruins of people’s lives

In 1919, the psychoanalyst Viktor Tausk published his famous paper “On the Origin of the ‘Influencing Machine’ in Schizophrenia”, in which he wrote about patients who believed they were under the control of malign technology beyond their understanding. Sometimes, they claimed, this technology would cause “erections and seminal emissions that are intended to deprive the… [Continue Reading]