Slave Trade

Slave Labor From Auschwitz to Mali

There is yet another Islamist-backed war going on, this time in Mali. While it has a faction seeking to impose Sharia law, and whose leader is a cousin of the head of Al Qaeda in the region, it also is dominated by a long secessionist dispute by the nomadic lighter skinned Tuareg (also spelled Touareg),… [Continue Reading]

Slaves to “The System.”

PLANET EARTH, a Garden of Eden full of life and beauty. Everything a human+Being needs to be able to live and co-exist with other human+Beings, in a caring society, in harmony with the natural environment, where everyone puts others before themselves. So what went wrong? Why are we living now, in a society in which… [Continue Reading]

Dear White People

I have decided to start the New Year with a letter to you all. It is a letter that implores you to wake up and smell Africa with a fresh white nose. Before you get angry and defensive, think of this letter as a crash course survival kit for navigating a new reality, and please… [Continue Reading]

Offensive ‘slave trade’ resource pulled as school apologises

A HEADTEACHER has been forced to apologise over a classroom exercise in which pupils were told to pretend to be slave traders. During the history lesson at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School, which included students aged 13 and 14, the teenagers were given ‘imaginary tools including manacles, a whip, thumb screws and iron brands, to capture… [Continue Reading]

How the government uses deception and the law to enslave people

Most people believe that when they purchase something that they truly own the item. However, when you understand the truth about maritime law, you will clearly see how this is nothing more than a system of control set up to enslave the people through fraud, subterfuge, and outright lies. Historically, when people used gold or… [Continue Reading]

Psychotic Nazi Lord Bichard Wants Retired Slaves To Be Forced Into Community Work

Retired people should be encouraged to do community work such as caring for the “very old” or face losing some of their pension, a peer has suggested. Lord Bichard, a former benefits chief, said “imaginative” ideas were needed to meet the cost of an ageing society. And although such a move might be controversial, it… [Continue Reading]

Private Prison Corporations Are Modern Day Slave Traders

The nation’s largest private prison company, the Corrections Corporation of America, is on a buying spree. With a war chest of $250 million, the corporation, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, earlier this year sent letters to 48 states, offering to buy their prisons outright. To ensure their profitability, the corporation insists… [Continue Reading]