Is your TV spying on YOU?

You are sitting in bed in your pyjamas, drinking a cup of cocoa. A loved one lies next to you, watching late-night television. Pillow talk is exchanged. An alarm clock is set. Eventually the lights are turned out. Earlier, you sat on the living-room sofa eating supper, before loading the dishwasher and heading upstairs. You… [Continue Reading]

Exclusive Interview with an Ex-Illuminati Programmer/Trainer

TV – The Perfect Mind-control Device Q: Svali, what role does television play? From your point of view, as an ex-Illuminati trainer/programmer, how much of a mind-control device ‘really’ is it? How does it interact with the brain, what sounds and images are used for programming? What makes TV the perfect mind-control device for the… [Continue Reading]

Do the Jews Own Hollywood and the Media?

‘Zionist Jews do own and control Hollywood and the media. So beware of their lies and deceit. The truth is precious.’ By Texe Marrs Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media? Are they using the media to mold and shape American opinion by constantly injecting Zionist propaganda and bias into news programs, movies,… [Continue Reading]

Where’d All The Good People Go?

If you have turned on the television in the last decade, you will have likely noticed some disturbing trends. There has been a general increase in depravity, gruesome violence, and promotion of various unhealthy idols. There have always been deep, dark currents streaming from the television, radio, movie, and print media, but things have gotten… [Continue Reading]

Noel Edmonds: ‘I won’t pay TV licence!’

Noel Edmonds is refusing to pay his television licence fee in protest at ‘threatening’ BBC adverts promising to catch evaders. The former Noel’s House Party presenter, who was the BBC’s main Saturday night host for a decade, said he was prepared to face prosecution for his stand against the Corporation’s advertising campaigns. Edmonds accused the… [Continue Reading]

The Media and Suppressed Information

  The media today including news, magazines, newspaper, television, movies is simply a means to condition your mind to think a certain way and suppress valuable information from you. They show you only what they want you to see and hear in order to maintain profit and control over your life. The reason behind this… [Continue Reading]

US Citizens distrust of the mainstream media hits record high

Americans’ distrust in the media hit a new high this year, with 60% saying they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. Distrust is up from the past few years, when Americans were already more negative about the media than they had been in years… [Continue Reading]