It’s 2015 and the Dominican Republic Is Ethnically Cleansing Itself

Last April, during a two-week vacation back in Haiti, where most of my family comes from, my uncle and I discussed taking a road trip to the Dominican Republic. As he lamented what a crime it was that I hadn’t “seen the entire island,” he rattled through the many activities we could get into—some legally… [Continue Reading]

No Law Must be Passed to Take Away Land After 3 Years

Dear High Commissioner Assamba, It has come to the attention of myself and other Jamaicans that the government of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is intending to enact a law that will enable the said government to take away  the property/land of people who have not paid their property taxes for three years.  This proposal… [Continue Reading]

Edward Snowden condemns Britain’s emergency surveillance bill

The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has condemned the new surveillance bill being pushed through the UK’s parliament this week, expressing concern about the speed at which it is being done, lack of public debate, fear-mongering and what he described as increased powers of intrusion. In an exclusive interview with the Guardian in Moscow, Snowden said… [Continue Reading]

ALERT: Nottinghamshire Child Abuse Witness Taken By Police, Now Missing

A key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UK Column starting…”pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow…” Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday 9th July 2014 the UK Column has… [Continue Reading]

If ’emotional abuse’ is to be a crime, who is guilty here?

Each time I investigate a new instance of how crazily our “child protection” system has gone off the rails, I wonder how any story could be as bad. To paraphrase the opening lines of Anna Karenina, “all happy families are alike, but each unhappy family that has fallen into the clutches of this system experiences… [Continue Reading]

Southall Black Sisters unite against ‘racial profiling’ with spontaneous protest

Around 30 women armed with signs, megaphones and a handful of shouted slogans took to the streets of Southall, west London on Thursday (01/08/2013) in a spontaneous grassroots protest against to a UK Border Agency (UKBA) operation at a local shopping centre. A video posted on YouTube shows two officers wearing Border Agency jackets being… [Continue Reading]

Australian Government charged with Treason

Kenny, Gilmore, Cowen, and others of their ilk won’t sleep so well in their beds after reading this revelation from New Zealand. Ireland, like Australia (and most countries in the world), has had its sovereignty secretly  put aside and is now being run by a corporation masquerading as a government. This “IRELAND” corporation is registered… [Continue Reading]