Common Purpose

Ex-Yard chief calls on Labour trio to admit backing paedophilia was a ‘huge mistake’

Three senior Labour figures were under mounting pressure last night (18/02/2014) to apologise for supporting a vile group campaigning to legalise child sex. Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman, her husband, home affairs spokesman Jack Dromey, and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt all held key roles in the National Council for Civil Liberties. The left-wing human rights… [Continue Reading]

Leveson Enquiry – Just who are these people and what is their real agenda?

The UK Column has already written a number of articles warning about the real Leveson Inquiry agenda – and that agenda is political control of the free press and media in Britain. Stirring the Leveson Inquiry pond, we have already exposed the extraordinary links between major funders and supposedly charitable trusts, and the very people… [Continue Reading]

Rose Fenton – Common Purpose In Theatre!

Rose Fenton is an international arts producer and advisor. Rose was co-founder and director from 1980 – 2005, of LIFT – the London International Festival of Theatre. Her book, “The Turning World: Stories from the London International Festival of Theatre”, written with Lucy Neal, was published by the Gulbenkian Foundation in 2005. Since leaving LIFT… [Continue Reading]

The leftie plotters with one Common Purpose… to gag the Press

A SHADOWY left-wing lobby group was last night (18/11/2012) accused of influencing the Leveson Inquiry — and threatening Press freedom. The secretive Common Purpose network was founded by Sir David Bell, one of Lord Justice Leveson’s six key advisers probing press standards. Two more of the advisers’ panel also have links to the vast and… [Continue Reading]

Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification

Common Purpose (CP) is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to learn how society works, who ‘pulls the levers of power’ and how CP ‘graduates’ can use this knowledge to lead ‘Outside Authority’. Children, teenagers and adults have their prejudices removed. Graduates are… [Continue Reading]