Climate Engineering is happening NOW and must be stopped.

chemtrails_2[1]A core group of corporate-backed scientists are hell-bent on ignoring the advice from the majority of the world’s scientists that Climate Engineering is dangerous, unlikely to have any beneficial effects and completely unnecessary anyway, and want to introduce so-called trials very soon. One would imagine that any program that involves spraying chemicals unknown into our atmosphere would go through stringent trials and public approval, but no such process is planned, quite the opposite. Debate on the issue is kept to an absolute minimum, not advertised well, and public involvement is not really welcome. Our presence at the scientific events is tolerated at best and engagement with us and other campaigners is kept to an absolute minimum. There are, and will not be, any public announcements, consultations or safety trials. No accountability. No way to check what is being sprayed and by whom. No way to know if it is safe or indeed any public acknowledgement at all. Our opinion is neither sought nor welcome. Does that sound like a genuine scientific program designed to help us? We think not !

These scientists claim to conducting public debate, but our tolerated presence at the European events and managing to get the odd question in is not what we would call public debate. Why is our media relentlessly reporting on our possible;e exit from the EU but not a single word is mentioned about plans to spray harmful chemicals into our skies to control our weather. Does that seem normal to you?

The idea is to slip this in very quietly without us even noticing so we don’t ask any awkward questions.

We think that is completely unacceptable and we think those behind these insane programs need to be brought up before the public to explain themselves, so we can prove that the motivations for their ideas are actually completely political-commercially motivated, and indeed nothing to do with science at all.

“I think if the American public were told that Climate Engineering trials had been underway for a number of years in the US they would simply accept it, in the same way they have terrorism”

Ken Caldeira – Cambridge SRM Science symposium, UK, March 2015.

We think US and UK authorities are about to admit to the existence of so-called trials very soon due to rising awareness of current programs. People are starting to finally realise that our skies are not looking how they should or how they used to and the something is going on.

Despite the fact that weathermen on the BBC try to convince us that all the different types of trails we see being left by aircraft now are all water vapour, many people have started to question what they see. Aircraft never used to leave any trails at all, so why is our weather often defined by aircraft emissions. An increase in air traffic does not mean they should behave differently, and indeed aircraft engines are far cleaner and more efficient now then they were in the 70s and 80s so we should see no trails at all in our skies and yet we do. We spoke to a chief engineer at Rolls Royce in a recorded phone conversation during which he claimed their engines were so clean now there should be no visible emissions at all, and that they certainly could not be responsible for any visible pollution.

Even if this were natural condensation, the fact that our weather is being affected so drastically and our sun is being blocked by aircraft emissions should be a point of urgent public debate and government action and yet, bizarrely this topic is never mentioned in the media except to try to normalise it or make it seem inconsequential. Why not? why are government ministers not talking about it and acting to stop very obvious and heavy pollution from aircraft? Simple answer, because it is not pollution.

So what is going on then?

Well in nutshell aircraft have been modified to spray substances into our skies that form cloud-like formations. The scientists behind these programs claim they are doing this to protect us from Global Warming (re-branded Climate Change due to no warming having occurred), but the evidence to date does not corroborate this claim at all. The pattern of spraying, the chemicals suspected of being used, and the effects it is having on our weather and overall climate suggest this is nothing to do with protecting us from the sun’s rays, but everything to do with simply controlling our weather, and indeed the current programs seem to be causing warming, not preventing it, which makes a mockery of everything we hear in the alarmist press.


The first question everybody asks, but the danger in adopting this approach is that if a satisfactory answer is not immediately available the next step is to simply dismiss the entire debate. If you were to see a bank being robbed you would not scratch your chin and ponder the reasons for the robbery, you would simply call the police or take other action. The same is true of this subject, only it is infinitely more serious. Our skies are being pumped full of substances unknown that are affecting our weather, blocking our sunshine and could potentially be harmful to us and our environment. That is a completely unacceptable situation and one which needs to be challenged.

They wouldn’t do that

There is a huge industry that has grown up around the technologies associated with weather modifications aka Climate Engineering. We have been aware of this topic and attending Climate Engineering conferences around Europe for the last 2 years and it is big business, so this cannot be called a theory, it is a very real and tangible reality. The difficulty arises, for most, in accepting that these ‘proposed’ programs are already happening. Obviously we know that to be the case from our research and investigation, but even simple observation can lead most intelligent people to the same conclusions. Planes never used to make clouds but they are now.

This may sound incredulous to some, for whom this information may seem a little too much to digest so suddenly, but we have built up a detailed picture of exactly what is going on and how it is being executed. The why is still debatable, but this website does not concern itself with the why, simply with making people realise what the bitter reality is and how to go about helping put an end to it.

The reason nobody is admitting to the existence of current Climate Engineering programs is quite simple; it is probably illegal under the ENMOD treaty. We must also consider the fact that the people and organisations behind the current programs know that any public consultation would take years and likely be unsuccessful, and so would be an ‘inconvenience’. They appear to want to sneak this in very quietly as though it were something small and inconsequential and just not worth the bother of debating.

Well, we disagree. No private corporation has the right to spray chemicals unknown into our skies and contaminate the air we breathe.

I don’t believe it is already happening

Even if you cannot accept this is happening now, it will be officially approved very soon so the ‘is it or isn’t it‘ question becomes almost redundant. We must stop the official ‘trials’ being introduced, because once they are underway we will have no way to stop them we feel. This website is officially campaigning against proposed as well as current Climate Engineering programs so you have the choice as to how you present this topic to others. Many feel embarrassed to tell others that they think planes are spraying stuff into the sky because it just seems so unlikely that anyone would do that secretly. Look-Up attends all the major European Climate Engineering events where scientists are adamant that they need to start ‘trials’ very soon to save us from climate catastrophe. If you feel more comfortable presenting your interest in this as against proposed programs then that is just as useful to us and makes life easier for you.

This is very real and very important. Nobody can say it is just a theory or conspiracy because hundreds of scientists meet several times a year to discuss the science and technology behind it.


Over the past few decades huge global corporation have purchased and amalgamating all the world’s airlines. They formed the 3 airline alliances which now include virtually all the worlds major airlines except some of the budget airlines. This allowed them to slowly modify the planes with equipment designed to spray aerosols into the atmosphere. We have solid evidence of this and even written confirmation from Airbus UK that their A320s do not leave the factory with pylon pipes, so all the airlines involved have modified their planes specifically for this purpose. UK’s budget airlines have also been modified in the same way and for the same purpose. We have evidence, in the form of an email, from Easyjet’s chief engineer who lied about the purpose of the pipes fitted to their Airbus A320 aircraft stating they were gas release pipes. No such pipes exists or are needed on jet engines as all gases pass throughout he rear of the engine. There are many pages and faked documents online that try to explain these pipes since we exposed them, but ultimately no matter how hard they try, or how complex their attempts to explain them, Airbus make the planes, and they said pylon pipes are not standard to Airbus A320.



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