We are all Slaves

Slave[1]The rulers have now won for hundreds of years. We are slaves to the money masters. We take their pittance and spend it on the same items that the money masters advertise on their flat screen TV’s; and we buy the cars we are offered because they want us to.

We have freedom of choice if we choose not to work for them; but then we are penalized by this same government with fees and taxes and permits; intended to keep free thinkers under the thumb of these money masters.

We smoking their products will cause health problems; but instead of stopping the manufacture of their poison; they put addictive agents in them to hook us; and take the tax revenue; thus supplying more monies for the money master and their bastard son the Fed.

We go to wars and see our best die; because the money masters decide they want oil rights; or a piece of property; or to institute their capitalism and enslave more people with their ideology..spend more money; so we can fill their coffers.

And to be the one that protest against these world money masters means we are rebellious; anarchists; out of touch; or a threat to society; a society instituted by these same puppet masters.

We go to a 9-5 existence; 3 squares a day; and all the while not notice rising prices; and more rules; rules, rules and more rules.

But we are told that is the price paid for a free society; but who pays the price? Not those who set these outrageous monopolies.

Keep the citizenry on a string; give them a little happiness; get their little cottage; raise their kids; and start all over again; controlling every facet of the slaves lives.
Slaves? Yes; we are all slaves…..remember Logan’s Run


Source:  Sodahead.com

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