Bolshoi Ballet turned into ‘giant brothel’

14DW1954_resize_for_web[1]A former ballerina at the Bolshoi Ballet has claimed that the company turned into a ‘giant brothel’ after female dancers were forced to sleep with wealthy patrons.

Anastasia Volochokova, 37, speaking in an interview on a television talk show in Russia, said mainly dancers in the corps du ballet were made to sleep with benefactors but soloists were also sometimes forced to.

Volochokova claimed that the dancers were told to attend ‘grand dinners’ and were given the choice of having sex with a rich patron or not going on tour or performing at the Bolshoi.

The former soloist was controversially fired from the company in 2003 when the General Director, Anatoly Iksanov, claimed she was too fat and tall to be picked up by the male dancers.

She later won a legal battle against the company and was reinstated at the Bolshoi Ballet but her career never fully recovered.

Mr Iksanov dismissed her allegations as “dirt and ravings” when confronted on the matter at a press conference at the theatre on Tuesday.

This allegation is the latest in a string of controversial events linked to the theatre. Top male dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko was recently charged on suspicion of ordering an acid attack on the Bolshoi’s artistic director, Sergei Filin.

Although Filin’s eyesight was damaged in the attack he vowed on Friday, from Germany where he is receiving treatment; that he will return to his former career “without fear, without anxiety”.

Last week more than 300 members of the Bolshoi staff signed a letter to the Russian President Vladimir Putin protesting Dmitrichenko’s innocence and suggested he had been pressured into a confession.


Source:  The Telegraph

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